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Neuropathy Mystery Solved

Let me introduce myself: My name is David B. Phillips, Ph.D. I am the inventor of the ReBuilder for Neuropathy, and CEO of ReBuilder Medical, Inc. the manufacturer of the device. I would like to tell you the story of how the ReBuilder came about. It was first from a personal need to help my father and then to help my own neuropathy.

First it was my father. His symptoms began after his coronary artery bypass surgery. The anesthesia enabled the surgeons to fix his heart, but is caused an annoying tingle in his feet, then a terrible, constant burning sensation. It began to interfere with his sleep...and it was slowly progressing, day by day to his legs and hands.

David Phillips
Dr. David Phillips

That was bad enough. But then his doctors started prescribing medicines to cover over the pain. Neurontin, then Lyrica, then sleeping pills. These medications were costing thousands of dollars a year. He could not tell where his feet were. He started to retreat from visiting friends, bowling, and playing with his grandchildren. For this he was supposed to pay $80,000 over his last 20 years here on earth?

As I watched his "death from a thousand cuts" I became alarmed, then helpless, then determined to "find another way".

You see, I am a medical device inventor. When my wife developed a lump in her breast in 1978, I developed the GST System for the Earlier Detection of Breast Cancer. When my four children were babies, I did not like the mercury-in-glass rectal thermometers in use, so I invented the world's first infrared ear thermometer, called the FirsTemp (I was awarded the "Inventor of the Year" award for that in 1987. When my four year old granddaughter contracted a highly contagious skin disease called Molluscum Contagiosum, I invented the SilverCure system that used silver ions and an electrical device to drive silver ions painlessly into the lesions to stop the infection rather than letting her doctors cut the off or burn them off which was not only painful but would leave scars. Everything I invent is for my family, so it has to work.

So, I went to work to invent a way to cure my father's neuropathy pain.

The result is the ReBuilder.

Using the ReBuilder 2407 with Socks
Using the ReBuilder in the doctor's office.

So, after a year of experimenting (1988), I solved all the issues and I called it the ReBuilder because rather than block the nerve paths, it opens them and thus rebuilds your nerves.

Nerve Pain Eliminated
My dad's life totally turned around and he worked every day here at our office and bowled every week until he passed away at 84.

The ReBuilder is like a TENS on Steroids!

  • it is a pleasant 30 minute daily treatment that keeps on working between treatments.
  • it wakes up numb feet, legs and hands.
  • its signal (waveform) changes during the treatment as your nerves begin to respond.
  • it has an immediate feedback system (7 times per second) to adjust its intensity automatically.
  • its signal is an exact copy of a healthy nerve waveform.
  • It uses conductive socks and gloves rather than sticky skin patches to deliver the healing signals.
  • it gently sooths irritated nerves, and wakes up sleepy, numb nerves.
  • it can stop pain and tingling, not just pain.
  • it actually heals your nerves, so you may not even need it after a while.
  • It causes the brain to release endorphins which helps you sleep at night.
  • No side effects whatsoever.

Oh yes, sure enough, I wound up developing a minor case of neuropathy myself in two of my toes (from a back injury) and I control it with a single ReBuilder treatment whenever the toes flare up from doing something dumb like picking up something too heavy. (Like recently when I tried to pick up a lawnmower from my car trunk, you know, a guy thing...)


The ReBuilder is your answer for diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain.

It makes no difference if your symptoms are from diabetes, lower back problems, heavy metal accumulation, prescription drugs like Statins for cholesterol, or cancer. The ReBuilder is fast becoming the treatment of choice for the pain of cancer and chemotherapy induced neuropathy, and is used by many oncologists to control their patient's cancer related pain and the neuropathic pain that is side effect of chemotherapy.

Over 100,000 people are successfully using the ReBuilder in their homes to get their lives back, and thousands of physicians are recommending it.

ReBuilder 2407 with Socks
Dr. Phillips dad, Earl, using the ReBuilder at home

Imagine receiving your personal ReBuilder, reading the simple instructions, and relieving almost all of your symptoms 10 minutes later as you sit in your easy chair watching TV or reading a book for 30 minutes. Most people feel a dramatic reduction in their symptoms after their first treatment for about 3 hours. (You can use it two times a day). Thereafter, as you enjoy your daily treatments, you will find that you enjoy a restful night's sleep without sleeping pills and the daytime beneficial results accumulate. Your relief from symptoms are more pronounced every day and they last longer until you get to the point (usually in about 2-3 months) when the results become permanent and you can use your ReBuilder once or twice a week for maintenance. You can count on an immediate cessation of the progressive nature of your neuropathy, and many people actual experience a reversal of their foot pain, leg pain, and hand pain. It can even help that nagging lower back pain.

Since the ReBuilder has no side effects, I would like you to give it a try. What have you got to lose but your pain, numbness, tingling, and/or burning? What is your plan if you don't try the ReBuilder?

If you prefer to talk to a live person just call our toll-free number 866-725-2202 from 9 to 5 EST. You can even ask to talk to me or our President, Brian Sheldon, RN. If we are available, we will be happy to discuss your personal situation with you.

For more technical information such as how it works, studies, instructions, finding a doctor in your area for professional assistance, etc. we have provided links on the rest of this site.

The ReBuilder has been called "The pacemaker for your nerves". Just as a cardiac pacemaker controls your pulse rate and makes sure all four chambers of your heart work in harmony, the ReBuilder uses tiny electronic signals that mimic normal healthy nerve signals and can soothe irritated nerves and stimulate nerves that have gone numb.

ReBuilder Model 300With the ReBuilder, you can reduce your neuropathy pain with your very first 30 minute treatment. Beneficial results increase with continued use and may become permanent.

Chemotherapy Induced Neuropathy
This is the only drug free, surgery free system that makes sense, is used by over 90,000 satisfied customers to treat neuropathy pain, numbness and burning. There are over 120 facilities dedicated to using the ReBuilder and over 5,000 individual physicians who have prescribed the ReBuilder for their patients.



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There is no other modality or treatment that can make your patients feel better with their very first treatment. The ReBuilder is unique.